Dr. Elliot Atkins – Overview

Dr. Elliot Atkins is a clinical, forensic and consulting psychologist with offices in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Marlton, New Jersey. He started his clinical practice in 1977 and began his work in forensic psychology in 1980.  He has performed a wide variety of evaluations in both the criminal and civil arenas as well as having conducted employment and educational evaluations.  In the criminal arena, Dr. Atkins has been asked to conduct evaluations related to the insanity defense, competency, risk assessment, and sentencing.   In the civil arena, Dr. Atkins has conducted evaluations in the areas related to custody/divorce, psychological injury, social security disability and psychological autopsies. Dr. Atkins has also  been admitted as an expert witness before state and federal courts across the country in both the criminal and civil arenas.  More recently, he has been asked to be a consultant for the United States Air Force’s Judge Advocate General Corp’s, Catholic Diocese, Ford Motors and the American Boys Choir.