Elliot L. Atkins, Ed.D.

Website pictureDr. Atkins is a clinical, forensic and consulting psychologist who has been in clinical practice since the mid nineteen seventies and has worked in the forensic arena since the mid nineteen eighties. Dr. Atkins has been admitted as an expert witness before state and federal courts in both the criminal and civil arenas. He has been called upon by attorneys from across the country to address issues related to substance abuse, competency, criminal state of mind defenses, coercive interrogation/interview techniques and the assessment of both perpetrators and victims of sexual abuse. He has recently provided consultation to defense counsel in multiple high-profile civil and criminal institutional child sexual abuse cases. He has been retained by both the prosecution and the defense as a trial consultant in sexual abuse cases by the United States Air Force’s Judge Advocate General’s office. Dr. Atkins co-authored two chapters (Capacity to Waive Miranda Rights and Sentencing) in the Handbook of Forensic Assessment: Psychological and Psychiatric Perspectives. He has co-authored a chapter on death penalty mitigation in the textbook, Handbook of Forensic Psychology and Forensic Sociology. He recently co-authored a chapter on mitigation in Representing People with Mental Disabilities: A Criminal Defense Lawyers Guide. He is co-authoring a chapter on remote combat trauma in Ethics, National Security and the Law

Dr. Atkins recently prepared an amicus brief, and testified on the constitutionality of, polygraphing paroled sex offenders. He has been an adjunct clinical assistant professor at Widener University and has provided clinical supervision for the doctoral internship programs at both Hahnemann and Drexel Universities. He has been a consultant to municipal, state and federal agencies and legislative bodies on the issue of substance abuse and rehabilitation. Dr. Atkins has published articles and presented CLE workshops on topics related to the insanity defense, neonaticide, borderline personality disorder, sentencing and the collaboration of clinicians and attorneys regarding the issue of professional boundary violations. For the past two decades, he has chaired the American College of Forensic Psychology’s Forensic Skills panel of attorneys and forensic psychologists as they address professional and ethical issues confronting forensic mental health practitioners.

Book chapters
Death penalty
Capacity to waive Miranda rights
Remote Combat Stress

Recognition and Understanding of Borderline Personality Disorder
Part Two: Borderline Personality Disorder: Its Use in Mitigation
The link between borderline personality disorder and homicidal behavior
Forensic skills
Forensic psychological consultation in US death penalty cases in state and federal courts
Admissibility of expert psychological testimony in the era of Daubert
When the Boundary is Crossed: A protocol for attorneys and mental health professional
Denial of pregnancy and neonaticide during adolescence: Forensic and clinical issues
Post-verdict psychological consultation in the federal courts
Preparing for sentencing in the federal courts
Use of sodium amytal in an insanity and diminished capacity defense of a capital murder case
Pretreatment drug use by adolescents entering a multi-agency polydrug abuse treatment program

CE and CLE Presentations:
Forensic Skills Workshop
Traveling to meet an undercover agent
Undiagnosed autism spectrum disorder (previously Asperger’s syndrome) in child pornography defendants
Psychoanalysis and the Law: The Interdisciplinary contributions of Robert Sadoff, Forensic Psychiatrist
Truth serum – current legal and psychological perspectives
The insanity defense and beyond
The forensic psychologist as a trial consultant
The role of the forensic psychologist in the mitigation phase of the death penalty trial
False confessions: What forensic psychologists and attorneys need to know
Borderline Personality Disorder and murder: Areas of consideration for forensic psychologists and lawyers
Federal sentencing: Tough cases – examination of challenging sentencings
Interfacing with the forensic mental health consultant
Internet fantasy and prediction
Forensic psychological consultation in US death penalty cases in state and federal courts
Pseudocyesis and infant abduction
Two cases of childhood kidnappings
A successful insanity defense in a double parricide case
Collaboration among forensic mental health professionals
Post-Daubert admissibility of forensic psychological evidence and testimony in divorce and custody cases
What is mitigation evidence and how to find it: The role of downward departures
Video-peeping Toms: Developing trends
Therapist-patient sexual boundary crossing: a collaborative model for attorneys and mental health professionals
Daubert as gatekeeper: Attempts to quantify enjoyment of life
Expert psychological damage testimony in the civil arena
Denial of pregnancy and neonaticide during adolescence: forensic and clinical issues
Professional liability issues in therapies involving abuse memories
Post-verdict psychological consultation in the federal courts
Use of experts in employment discrimination matters
Treating the patient sexually victimized in therapy

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Professional Affiliations
American Psychological Association
American Psychology-Law Society
National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology
New Jersey Psychological Association
Pennsylvania Psychological Association


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