Psychological Evaluation and Testimony

Evaluations consist of, but are not limited to, interviewing the client, performing psychological testing, reviewing records and conducting collateral interviews. In the criminal context, Dr. Atkins frequently performs evaluations for both the prosecution and defense of individuals charged with a wide range of offenses, including assault, manslaughter, homicide, sexual offenses (including assault, child sexual abuse, possession of child pornography and internet solicitation of a minor), drug possession and/or distribution, pathological intoxication, fraud, embezzlement, arson and DUI. In the civil context, Dr. Atkins frequently performs evaluations for both plaintiff and defense counsel where the issue of an individual’s psychological well-being or quality of life has been raised in response to various events including sexual abuse, sexual harassment, accidents, professional malpractice, product liability, workplace discrimination, wrongful termination, death of a pet and interference of custody.

Examples of the areas in which Dr. Atkins has conducted evaluations and presented testimony include:


  • Criminal responsibility
    • Insanity
    • Diminished capacity
    • Imperfect self-defense
    • Battered Women’s Syndrome
  • Child sexual abuse accommodation syndrome (CSAAS)
  • Competency
    • To proceed to trial
    • To waive Miranda rights
    • To plead guilty
  • Voluntariness
    • Of confession
    • Of entering a plea
  • Sentencing
    • State
    • Federal, including:
      • Downward departures, including:
        • Diminished capacity
        • Family ties
        • Post-arrest rehabilitation
    • Diversion program eligibility including:
      • ARD; PTI
      • Boot camp
    • Sexually violent predator status
  • Death penalty mitigation
  • Parole elibility
  • Post-conviction relief


  • Personal Injury
    • Malingering
    • Emotional/psychological damages
  • Competency
    • Testimentary
    • Undue influence
  • Child custody/visitation, parental fitness
  • Professional licensing/malpractice
  • Civil commitment

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